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Missing Erin Lundy? {The life behind the lens of an Outer Banks Photographer}

I received an email this week with the subject line: “Where have you been? I miss you!” It was from a past client turned friend. If I’m being honest it wasnt the first message I had gotten from friends and photo-fam this winterView full post »


Seriously…were did the summer go? It really felt like a short one. I can’t believe it’s already back to school time. My Little Love is eight (almost nine) and is excited about the third grade! She gets “real” gradesView full post »

Just One More Twirl {Outer Banks Wedding Photographer}

Every bride has a moment when they find the dress. You know, the “Say Yes to the Dress” moment. It’s the most important dress a woman will ever purchase and it should make them feel AMAZING! These dress moments can come with tears,View full post »

Jill Plays Dress up {Virginia Beach Photographer}

Playing dress-up isn’t just for five year olds…its just too much fun to grow out of! I love that this momma of 6 contacted me to photograph her doing just that. Okay, so there was a greater purpose to the shoot. She is a the bloggerView full post »

An Outer Banks Snow Day {Outer Banks Portrait Photographer}

Like a true southerner I will never admit to liking snow but I will say that it is pretty fun to shoot in. When the flurries started I knew I wanted to go out and play…you know photography for the FUN of it! Sometimes I just need to do that.View full post »

a year in review {Outer Banks Wedding and Lifestyle FAMILY Photographer}

2014…where do I start? To say I have been blessed is an understatement. I have a job that is so fun and fulfilling it doesn’t even feel like work most days (Okay don’t ask me that while I up at 3am editing) I get to travel and meetView full post »

My Life in Little Squares…Instagram Recap {Outer Banks Wedding and Lifestyle Photographer}

My life gets crazy hectic at times and I have to remind myself to SLOW DOWN and remember all the good and SIMPLE things that my life has to offer. This is where Instagram comes in…I LOVE Instagram because its my own little personal journalView full post »

She’s a Totally Awesome Second Grader {THE LIFE OF AN OUTER BANKS PHOTOGRAPHER}

Seriously! This girl is totally awesome/rad/cool/Ah-mazing and I am so proud to be her momma! My Little Love is seven (almost eight) and is nervous about the second grade because she is now in the “big-kid” hall at school. She is rockingView full post »